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Wisdom Way

© 2010 Jason Shulman & Great Faith Music

(Notes by LG):

An unabashed fan…well, yea!

I listen to everything from be-bop to zydeco, and can hear the commonality, the thread that holds them all together even in their unique, exquisite separateness.

But Jason’s music defies categorization. For me, it’s a bridge between all that is – was – and will be.

The ethereal quality of this song, coupled with lyrics that gently permeate the heart and let the mind wander freely – “how can I help but be lifted up…”

Recorded as a gift to a friend on her birthday, Jason mentioned to me that he was surprised to find that he liked writing from the need to write something for an occasion—a musical present such as this—as much as from inspiration.

Jason has been writing music and lyrics for over 30 years, but somehow, each new song has a totally fresh way of making contact – of being completely relevant.

This song has never been released. There’s only one place you can hear it – right here at Enlightenment Online.

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Listen to some more of the music Jason has recorded over the last few years. If you want to order a copy, then please head over to the Society of Souls site, where you can purchase the albums directly

Jason's Albums

Buddha Cloud
This spontaneous collection of songs, music and lyrics were created in the moment by Jason Shulman (vocals, harmonium) along with musicians James Mark (violin, viola) and Kai Kurosawa (Worr guitar) and produced by Michael Frondelli. These songs provide a transformative listening experience in which one can listen to the process of creation crafted with a tender heart.
The Great Transparency
Intimate, heartfelt songs, chants and prayers written, arranged and performed by Jason Shulman.
Unlock My Heart, Songs of Awakening
Jason’s new album, produced and arranged by award-winning producer Gary Malkin, is a powerful collection of spiritual music without borders. These original songs and chants run the gamut from heart-felt solo niggunim to straight-out alternative gospel. These are non-denominational songs of praise, awakening, and the heart’s yearning. This album will move your heart and body.