Gems & Amulets

"Awakening" means waking up to life. So our spiritual insights should not be limited to spiritual life only. Our revelations, frustrations, hopes, desires and dreams should be part of our work and relationships as well. In this section you will have the chance to meet some extraordinary people: spiritual teachers, artists, philosophers, astrologers, doctors and others who have found wisdom in the midst of their own humanity and their own work. Guest Teachers will change each month and as they do, you will be able to access an archive of earlier contributions.

Elizabeth Hermon

Elizabeth Hermon, MA, has been an astrologer for 35+ years, and has clients throughout the world. She feels her job as an astrologer is to "listen" to what the planets and signs are saying, and relay that on to her clients.

March Forecast

New Zodiac Sign?

Ask Dr. Jeff

Jeff Ellias-Frankel, Ph.D. is a senior teacher at A Society of Souls, teaching Nondual Healing and Awakening, the Work of Return and also, at the community retreat intensives.

Tim Freke

Tim is a clear, passionate and highly entertaining voice for our collective awakening.

Rabbi David Cooper

Rabbi David Cooper is an author, lecturer, teacher and meditation guide.



Bob Sherman

Bob describes his approach to photography as the pursuit of bringing out the inherent beauty and unity in what he sees.

Kim Rosen

Kim is a poet, spoken word artist, healer and teacher of Self-Inquiry

Dr. Henry McCann

Dr. Henry McCann is a licensed practitioner of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

Living Now Magazine

Living Now, one of Australia's premier spiritual magazines, is partnering with Enlightenment Online. Please click here for a word from Jinen Jason Shulman and Living Now editor Elizabeth Jewell Stephens.