Enlightenment & Suffering Part 2

In the Further Study section you will find supplementary resources and additional ways to continue exploring--and putting into practice--some of the ideas I’ve presented in the video lessons. Sometimes I’ll recommend books to read and sometimes I’ll present a new meditation, visualization or practice in this section. My aim is to help you integrate the material we are discussing into your daily life.

I encourage you to let me know how you are doing and to ask me questions (which you can do by clicking on the “Ask Jason” button). From time to time I’ll collect some of the questions and answer them via another video lesson. Blessings.

Jason Shulman

Further Study: Enlightenment & Suffering, Part 2

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In the beginning of this video, I read from a small book of poetry I wrote some years ago. Here it is:

Tefillin Psalms by Jason Shulman

I think you will find many of these poems, which describe way-stations along the spiritual path, helpful and inspirational.

I’d also like to recommend another book, about a teacher’s encounter with the life and work of an important philosopher of the 17th century, Baruch Spinoza. Its called

Betraying Spinoza/Rebecca Goldstein*

I’m a little puzzled by why I am choosing to suggest this book at this moment, as you are digesting the material in the second video on suffering. True, Spinoza suffered greatly. Also true, the author shares some of her suffering as well. But that’s not it. What I really think is this: If you want to meet a human being who walked into his suffering in the best possible way, then meet Baruch Spinoza. If you’d like to have contact with a man and his work whose life still stands as an example of how to live, then meet Spinoza. Read the book. Have tea with Baruch. Learn.

*The book "Betraying Spinoza" can be ordered from Amazon by clicking on the book title.