Further Study

In the Further Study section you will find supplementary resources and additional ways to continue exploring--and putting into practice--some of the ideas I’ve presented in the video lessons. Sometimes I’ll recommend books to read and sometimes I’ll present a new meditation, visualization or practice in this section. My aim is to help you integrate the material we are discussing into your daily life.

I encourage you to let me know how you are doing and to ask me questions (which you can do by clicking on the “Ask Jason” button). From time to time I’ll collect some of the questions and answer them via another video lesson. Blessings.

Jason Shulman

Further Study: Psychological Health

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I’d like to recommend two Buddhist books and one Jewish book.

The Jewish book is Martin Buber’s classic compendium of tales of the early and late Hassidic masters. The Hassidic movement was an orthodox movement that hoped to bring passion and direct experience of God back to the intellectual rigors of Judaism. It is a vital component of the Jewish experience today around the world.

I chose this book because though Buber recounts stories that are mystical and miracle based, most of the stories are about human beings who happen to be wonderful souls. They have faults, imperfections, failings and greatness as well. Part of their greatness is how they deal with their faults.

The Buddhist books are both from the Shin Buddhist tradition. This is a form of Buddhism that exists to help all of us “foolish beings.” In fact, realizing that you are and forever will be a “foolish being,” is a prerequisite for the help this form of Buddhism extends to the suffering world.


1.Tales of the Hasidim/ Martin Buber*

2. River of Fire, River of Water/Unno*

3. Naturalness/Kenryo Kanamatsu*

* All the books mentioned in Further Study can be ordered from Amazon by just clicking on the book title.