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Meditation and mindfulness retreat with 20 financial advisors!

As I mentioned in my profile, I am walking the path towards the light while working in an industry that has yet to see it. The finance world has been responsible for some greedy and selfish behavior through the years. However, I am happy to report that through this shift, even this will change.
A few weeks ago, in the beautiful Catskill mountains, I went through a four day retreat with 20 financial advisors. If you've ever had the pleasure to be around an advisor for an extended period of time, they are typically very type A. Always on the go, moving and shaking. Probably the last group you'd expect at this retreat.
As we sat down for our first meditation, I looked around the room and half of the people in there had some part of their body shaking and moving. Was this group really going to be able to settle into this?

Healing pain and suffering from my family tree.

It was my third session with my teacher. Each session seemed to go a little deeper, but still knocking at the door of the root of discomfort that had been nestled into my belly for as long as I could remember. We started by approaching my three year old self. I immediately felt the belt hitting my rear end and with a flash, I was struck with shear terror that my Grandfather had bottled up from the horrors he encountered fighting in world war II. As I approached this live wire ball of fear spasaming in my stomach, it intensified. Screams from my Grandfather filled my head "how could humanity have come to this?????????? HOW?????". This cry became an anguishing feeling. My teacher, whom I forgot was in the room, gently instructed me to take this ball of fear and be willing to set it outside of myself, at least for now. As I sat there, sweat dripping out of every pour in my body, I took a good look at that ball of energy.