Morning Report

When I wake up, often my head is full of so many ideas. If there is time and I am lucky enough roll over and share it with my partner, we call it my Morning Report. Here's a poem that came this morning.

Caution: Wisdom Playing

Is Everything Everything?
Everything Is Everything.
Everything Everything Is.

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And Then You Are

I want to share this Hafiz poem xo Kate

And then You are like this:

A small bird decorated
With orange patches of light
Waving your wings near my window,

Encouraging me with all of existences's love --
To dance.

And then You are like this:

A cruel word that stabs me
From the mouth of a strange costume You wear;
A guise You had too long tricked me into thinking
Could be other -- than You.

And then You are...

The firmament
That spins at the end of a string in Your hand
That You offer to mine saying,
"Did you drop this -- surely
This is yours."

And then You are, O then You are:

The Beloved of every creature
Revealed with such grandeur -- bursting
From each cell in my body,
I kneel, I laugh,
I weep, I sing,
I sing.


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Fate & Destiny

In our quest for healing, there is much gold to be found in the depths of our wounding. It is within these wounds that our greatest gifts may be found. Each of us seeks unhindered contact with the other without defences and masks, each of us seeks to live from our true essence – an essence in which love, friendship and intimate relationships can flow freely and in which contact with ourselves can simply be.

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This site...

Hello all,

I'm just playing around, getting used to this, exploring something that I have watched evolve for a while now.

What's different from what I expected - and what's exciting - is it feels close up and personal doesn't it?

Does anyone else have that experience?

Lynfa x

who's wonderful? you!

wow! This is one beautiful space you have created for the world, Jason. Launched in a time of such challenge and blessing, it is a nourishing feast of connection. I look forward to dropping in to the lovely array of opportunities to hear, exchange, and reflect together...
Driving home from a rainy weekend up North, the trees are in bloom, the leaves are that wonderful, brief yellow that by next week will have exploded into full green. May your vision continuously blossom and blossom, opening us all ever further into that lively transparency that is forever available.
love & kisses from Deb

Sunday Morning

Sometimes it's too beautiful in this light to be real.
Other times, too deep to let yourself really feel.
But when you call on the angels,
they always seem to come.
In this breathless, infinite elegant universe we're one.

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Illuminating the dark spaces

Thanks, Jason, for the image regarding illumination of the dark spaces. I recently saw part of a collection of Salvador Dali images that he produced in a series of painting dreams upon waking. I have begun experimenting with going to the keyboard upon waking and am finding not only a bridge between my conscious and subconscious words, but also the formation of musical images that I never knew about. Exciting territory for me, and surely available to anybody using their particular talent as the entry point.

In response to the latest lesson

As I sat listening to Jason's latest lesson about spiritual work and its relation to the personal - As I sat listening, still draining from a recent surgery, remembering what this surgery revealed to me: that is, how I thought (as I did when I was age 9 and had my appendix out on a lie) that the surgery would bring me closer to my significant others, when indeed it illuminated my separateness and made me feel isolated and alone because no one around me could feel what I was feeling. How I saw my partner's anxiety increase and make him reach for comfort foods and get a little more chaotic - how this was neither what I wanted from him nor how I usually manifest my anxiety (i.e., get more gevuric, quiet, controlled...). Yet, I was able to see, too, that his anxiety was an expression of his caring (for, why else would he get anxious) and he was, as usual, as tender as he could be.

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The River and the Eddy

There are hot springs outside of Buena Vista Colorado, that bubble up from deep in the earth. One can find pools along the edge of the Arkansas River, surrounded by the Majestic Collegiate Range, the valleys and the winter trees waiting for their spring. In these eddies, the healing mineral waters, deliciously hot, bubble up from deep in the earth, as the river washes over, cool from the melting snows. The sky is strikingly blue and the burbling music of river over rock recalls the spirit of the Ute and their horses, on their Winter sojourn over the hundreds of years they lived in these lands. And others before them, who knew the healing powers that lay deep in the earth. When I get too hot and sleepy, I brave a trip to the center of the river, over slippery rock, where the water is icy cold. Relaxation then Exhilaration. What a blast!

Rock and Roll

I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today. It was really a very sacred experience for me. Aside for the fact, that as River, my partner says, it's like hearing the soundtrack of your own life, it was about life writ large. The every day struggle, the loss, the need to create, the bull and whether you wanted to or not, if you ever stood on a supermarket line, you knew the sordid details of so many of these musicians lives. And in spite of and because of all that there came to be THE MUSIC...the holy third thing. Another dimension, born of and encompassing but still another dimension. It calls to a place in me where life is really lived. I guess that place is likely ultimately soundless but man, it clearly is sown together in glory.
What a day.