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Holding opposites

This is what I wrote on my Facebook status today, and I wanted to repost it here:

"Today is my mother's 81st birthday. She no longer remembers it's her birthday, but I am learning to be with that. Love and loss go together like birth and death, like day and night. You just can't have one without the other. In holding this awareness, I am more fully present with her, more able to be with her confusion, and more grounded in the true beauty of reality. Thanks Jason."

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The Densities I Move Through

Tonight I have been walking in spring's splendor, the air fragrant with flowers bursting full with color and scent from recent rains and a day of sunny warmth. The indigo air is alight with moon half full and some shinny mass of a planet is beaming it's golden light back at mine.

I'm taking my day's small victories and disappointments less personally of late--They too are becoming just densities I move through, sometimes slowly, tasting, other times hurriedly as if to get past an unpleasant smell. Spaces of wholeness and of difficulty are all playfully woven into my day, creating a fabric I mold into shapes and call my self. I notice my preference for the places of ease and spaciousness and the way I identify with thick and wooden areas of limitation as if monogramed, they belong to me alone. I am becoming a weaver of webs, an un-self-conscious dancer, a sometimes curious taster of all the delicacies and obstacles that life is offering up.

"infinite possibility"

Hi everyone; this is my very first post to this site!

I wrote to Jason the other day and reminded him of something he said some years ago. I thought it was important enough to want to share it with all of you here:

"God is infinite possibility, infinite possibility wants to create infinite things. As soon as you have infinite possibility the word creation comes into being automatically. As soon as you have creation come into being, you are going to have something that is separate.

"As soon as you have something that is separate, you are going to have something that dies. As soon as you have something that dies you are going to have something that is beautiful. Which was the reason for creation in the beginning."

I just think this is beautiful.


There is no avoiding, ignoring, circumventing or transcending the ego. It is not an option, whether we accept this fact or not does not matter.

Some religions, and spiritual systems claim to have a way around the ego, but they are only avoiding the issue.

We live in a relative world governed by the law of duality. Its very nature guides us to the understanding that the only way to be a whole embodied being is to accept the fact that harmony lies at the fulcrum.

We are embodied beings as long as we exist on this earth, and no amount of mind tricks can change that fact. We were given an opportunity to live in a body so that we could fully embrace all that we experience every day.

To live in the body is to accept the fact that there is an ego that needs our attention. The secret is not that we need to eliminate the ego, but to rewire it. Many people treat the ego as if it is the enemy, and in a sense they are correct, if we are to allow the ego to control us.

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"We must arrive at an inner faith not dependent on externals,
something we can carry with us,
that isn't born only of the compelling mirror held up by another,
or the resonant vibrations of a sacred place,
or a wonderful feeling of possibility.
We need a faith based on our own experience,
reached with eyes wide open.
Understanding this task forces each of us
to challenge,
to lose,
and ultimately to deepen our faith."
~ Sharon Salzberg

I have read this passage multiple times. The words penetrate a place inside of me that has an idea of which she is speaking about.

Our IKH teachers, Jason & Brenda, would say that this version of faith is the call of our Future Self.

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My Ever-Changing "Who Is"

Before viewing Jason's reply to Q's on the "Gratitude" video clip, I wrote the following entry last evening. Jason's explanation was so validating, so I thought I'd share the piece here:

I have always fantasized and romanticized the moon. Especially the full moon. Assigning it magical qualities of mythical proportions. Just a few minutes ago, I did a practice in which I entered Briatic (impersonal) space and stood with tonight's full moon. I then viewed it from the perspective of a morph (a form), rather than my personal relationship to it.

Here are the phrases that emerged from the experience:

big white circle on black palette

infinite dark with white hole

bright sphere encircled by smoky cloud

light rays cast out from luminous globe

illuminating mass suspended in blackness

billions of threads of light woven into a ball

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Would You Nurture My Soul

"Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be...Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before."
Erich Fromm

Would you nurture my soul if I said please? Would you embrace my spirit if you saw my pain? Would you tell me you loved me if you knew how powerful words can be?

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When it comes to healing on any level, the most important quality or virtue is courage. In order not to re-live our personal, family, national or ethnic history we must have the courage to face our past.

Without courage, all other qualities we consider virtues, such as love, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, kindness, charity and understanding are only temporary states of being for none of them can exist in our world unless they are supported by courage. Likewise, courage does not exist unless fear is present.

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Such resonance here with how Jason teaches us to embrace and drop into reality. I swim in gratitude. Thank you Jason and Pema.

Excerpted from "Taking the Leap", by Pema Chodrön

A few years ago, I was overwhelmed by deep anxiety, a fundamental, intense anxiety with no storyline attached. I felt very vulnerable, very afraid and raw. While I sat and breathed with it, relaxed into it, stayed with it, the terror did not abate. It was unrelenting after many days, and I didn't know what to do.

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Saw this today and thought of the latest lesson...

Put your vileness up to a mirror and weep. That’s when the real art, the real making begins. A tailor must have a torn shirt to practice his expertise...

- RUMI -