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Getting Whole ...

When the ego is healed and not discarded; when it is held closely to the heart even in its misconceptions and troubles; when its every pain is no longer believed to be the only and ultimate truth does the ego reveal itself to be the Real Self, the connected self."
~ Jason Shulman (

In his talk here on Enlightenment Online, Jason is responding to a question from a member of the community who is inquiring about de-activating the ego. Jason speaks about the significance of the healed ego, akin to the relationship of waves to the ocean, brightness to light. He goes on to comment about the healed ego: "The self that can be intimate with all things."

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Every first Thursday evening of the month my friend Sonja invites us for a devotional circle at her home. This past one, held two weeks ago, turned out to be a very special gathering for me, as well as for the other three women that came to this particular one. There was an aligning of hearts and minds that felt like something bigger than our simple human creation. I could feel the presence of something larger than any one of us.

So instead of Sonja leading us into "Part II" of what we talked about the previous month that had to do with death and afterlife, she decided to listen to what she felt was coming forth for us for this gathering. She said to us that she wanted to keep it "light" and less serious, and then the shared readings and prayers began.

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Losing My Cool

I like to think of myself as a cool person: likable, fun, intelligent. But sometimes my behavior just doesn't reflect that. One place where I get to feel extra cool is teaching some amazing, fun and open-hearted women at my dance fitness class at the local YMCA. On days when I am feeling blue or cranky, I can count on feeling much better after leading a class. Even if I have to fake a smile in the warm-up, by the third song I am in a zone-- feeling inspired, motivated and just happy to be shaking my thang.

I am not sure exactly what happened (well now I am, but I have to tell the story first), during class the other day I went from cool to not-so-cool (aka angry *&#@^) in less than 2 minutes. Here's the story:

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Soaring with Imagination ...

A classmate in my non-dual healing program, Lili, made a guided audio meditation using questions that were posed in a talk given by my healer/teacher, Brenda, at our retreat last weekend.

The opening question is: "Who is the WHO that perceives the future with imagination?"

I have been meditating with this and numerous other questions every night before going to sleep and, for the first time, this morning shortly after rising. There is tremendous power in allowing statements such as these to work through oneself, as is instructed by my classmate on the audio.

As I have begun to feel into my "who is" that perceives the future with imagination, an invitation from a friend and fellow traveler in the rooms of AA co-arose. It involves a dream of mine that I never actively pursued and have always said I'd do for my 50th birthday yet never really believed I would follow through.


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And it was sew...

In a twitter-tweet not too long ago, Jason posted this question: “What would you do if God didn’t extend past your nose? If God was only that size and you were responsible for God’s Presence in the World?”

My initial reaction to this question included fear, sadness, tears, and confusion. Evidently, this, for me, is no small question. And yet, as I’ve sat with it, I’ve seen parts of myself surface in a desperate attempt to make this query small and insignificant: Please, let this not matter so. Or: these questions about God not extending past my nose, they are silly and far too reminiscent of that looming Joan Osborne song, you know, “What if God were one of us?”

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Holding Space

During the retreat day last week at the recent All School Meeting of ASOS, we signed up to take turns practicing in designated places for the whole community, so that others could run and return. This assured that the space of practice would be held by some for the good of all, acknowledging our interconnectedness as a community committed to living consciously. It felt good to hold space and to know it was being held by others, when I chose to take a walk in the gloriously lush deciduous woods of Connecticut or to rest.

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The big question...

I now find the question is....Not how do I become enlightened...but how do I unenlighten myself..I find the answer for me is..when my attention fixates on a thought or thinking pattern & on the sometimes resulting brings down the veils of how the cloud can veil the sun...A return to my state of beingness & a detachment from my thoughts...unveils my natural state of oneness with all there is....& a return to peace..

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Celebration and Suffering

An invaluable gift of non-dual healing is that the world is no longer, for me, viewed as " This versus That" ; "All or Nothing"; it can now be seen from the places of "And this too"; "Everything has a place"; "This AND That ".

What I have come to discover in my personal house is that a room can be filled with celebration, while another one right next door can be occupied with suffering. And neither one has to be evicted.

Losing and Finding the Point

I wanted to take some time to parooze the site and get caught up. There's so much going on, so many new members, so much insight, so much sharing. Folks seems so open, so willing to hear and be heard...and here I sit, somehow not being able to REALLY take it in...

It's amazing the places this path winds in and around if you just let yourself, allow yourself, to follow. It's also amazing how easy it is to fall down and wonder why it seems so hard to get back up.

Suddenly I find myself defenseless against the small stuff - which seems to be keeping me from being able to "be there" to deal with the big stuff. It's like I somehow completely lost my way. It's very comforting though, to know I am still on the path. I could be forging a new "loop road" - but I am, undoubtedly, still on the path.

There are a lot of intense highs and lows on this journey - maybe it's modulation that I'm seeking...or that I need to come to recoginize...

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Letting Go

I've been in this deep process of "letting go" over the past three years. I thought I had let go of all the necessary and quite large attachments in my life. Seems there's always more. It started in November 2007 when I let go of my failing marriage after 36 years of trying everything I could think of to save it. Okay . . . I really did love this person, but I finally realized that it was hurting me more than helping me and letting go was the best for both of us. This meant I had to let go of our beautiful home and my heavenly gardens I'd worked in all those years. It took me years to gain the courage and I prayed a lot. A doorway finally opened and out I went into an apartment above the pharmacy where I worked. When I left, I only took what I felt I needed to live. I wanted my life to be simple and unencumbered by "things".