Living Now - Thumbs up Jason!

YAY Jason for including "Living Now" on the website. Fantastic to have another Aussie connection. I have a special connection (as you know Jason) with Living Now, as it played a very significant role in my involvement and study of Nondual Healing and Awakening. I continue to read the monthly issues so it's wonderful that others can now access and benefit from some of their articles.

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Between Ground and Sky ...

A couple of days ago, I experienced some very unnerving, less common, side effects of an antibiotic I was prescribed for a sinus infection. And in the course of a 24 hr period, I had intense moments of anxiety, agitation, hallucinations. Because of my practices in ASOS, in particular that of form anxiety and, even more so, Impersonal Movement, I was able to actually observe the one in me who experienced the symptoms and hold an impersonal space, if you will, for this to safely be contained and so that the personal me was not consumed or annhilated by the scary experience. As a person who had dibilitating panic attacks throughout my twenties, to be able to do this is nothing short of a miracle.

A poem emerged from this experience, titled: Between Ground and Sky. Here it is:

of prickly
caterpillar hairs
scraping against
my skin
from the inside-out
am i awake or

my eyes are WIDE open

chest collapses

My Changed Balcony View and the Queensland Floods

How quickly the view from my balcony has changed. How quickly the focus of my world has changed. We are in the grip of unprecedented flooding here in Queensland. Townships have been wiped out, inland tsunamis have destroyed everything in their path, lives have been lost, dozens of people are missing. The depth of suffering and loss is unimaginable. I cry when I see the scenes of destruction. Now from my balcony I watch the river swirl in dangerous currents and rise dramatically. It is full of debris. Rescue craft are preparing, pontoons have been moved, yachts are leaving. It is a scene of panic and preparation not knowing what is ahead. There has been so much rain and the volume of water rushing through the inland and coastal rivers and creeks has never been seen before. I am very fortunate that I am on the 4th level of my building. The lower levels of the unit block beside me are being evacuated. People and businesses all along the Brisbane River are being evacuated.

The View From My Balcony

I have spent a lot of time recently sitting on my balcony looking at the view - most of it through the veil of unceasing rain. (I live in Queensland Australia which is in the grip of devastating floods.) I am high enough up to be level with the tree tops in the park opposite. From my balcony I can engage with the activity of the birdlife - the butcher birds, willy wagtails, pee wees, magpies, currawongs, lorikeets, swallows and then the flying foxes littering the evening sky. I also watch the boats on the river - the ferrys, the yachts that are home to some, the dragonboat teams practising, the rowing teams improving their stroke, the single kayaks and the occasional luxury yacht where I lose myself in a fantasy of being onboard! I can sit on my balcony looking out at this view and feel my body and mind being soothed and calmed. The world continues to do it's work as I sit and watch it.

2011 and beyond

Thoughts for 2011(and beyond)
Take the few minutes to read this.
It could make a difference in how you see things.

2011 is now here. 2012 is next year. It is a good time to have a look around to see how the choices we have made have manifested.

As the year gets underway, we look at what we did in the past years and what we want to do in the new year. It may be that, in the past, there had been an event that changed your life. This could be a major life style change, a near-death experience, a shift in consciousness. It could be something as subtle and seemingly insignificant as deciding to change one thought or one feeling.

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Walking with the Wound

From the depths of our deepest wounds emerge our greatest gifts. Similarly, contained within the fate we were given, emerges a destiny when we choose to work with the fate. However, destiny cannot emerge until our fate is submitted to. That means standing back and looking at everything that was given and has happened and asking ourselves where the opportunities for self development and self healing lie. If we come from lack, then discovering the fullness of our being lies as an opportunity before us, if we come from conflict, then peace and reconciliation lies before us, if we come from abandonment and despair, then connection to all life lies before us. Whatever the lack, its opposite awaits us. Therefore the difficult and challenging aspects of our fate give us the opportunity to springboard towards a destiny of our own choosing instead of bemoaning that which is less than desirable.

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Enough Knows Itself

So God, being so very gentle with my stupidity, gave me this New Year's Resolution, in the form of a mantra. The idea being that I would say and not just nod in passing acquaintance with it... yeah, yeah I know you.

Its a repeat of something God said a few years ago (same shape but different words) but I was not ready to hear it then. I'm not ready to hear it now, and that's the point too... Ahh the convolutions of Life.

Happy New Year!

insights as Christmas presents

Hi Jason
Reading the last words of your answer on the first question on your blog, I realised that a bigger container not only helps to bear polarities and suffering, but also to bear happiness and gratitude for the profusion of help there is, if we can see and allow it.
Such a strange paradox that we all want to be happy, but if it is there it is such an art to recognize and receive it.. It seems so much easier to fall in a lower frequency.

I need also a bigger container to bear my feeling moved about what you said in your lecture for beginners, that- I do not know - is in fact the source of our practice and the gateway to our Boeddhanature, just because it cannot be characterised.

This value of- I do not know- the way you describe it, makes me happy and I try not to change the frequency! Thank you for your inspiring words that gave me these presents to stay present, and happy Christmas and New Year.

I lost my father six month ago

I lost my father six month ago. He was not just my father; he was my friend, my teacher, my soul mate. Please do not think about me as of the daddy’s girl it is opposite of it. I have immigrate to this country with nothing at all and while I had a very difficult time I subsided I raising my son with out presence of his father (he was around just not really in), I am working on my PhD in archeology, also professionally dancing – I am sure I will not be able to do it without my father help, who I have supported for 17 years.

When my father got stroke – everyone turned away, my sister was always busy, my mother charged me for food he was bringing, and my boyfriend was unsupportive. I almost lost my mind carrying for my father for about six month until he died – I miss him so much with no one to tell, or no one to hug me.

My boyfriend is cheapest person in the universe. I have bury my father on July 16; my birthday was July 20…he even did not have me a flower.

A Father's spirituality

I've been on this web site about from it's inception and have yet to contribute anything, so i thought I'd attempt something coming from my perspective. I've been trying to develop a spiritual practice for many years, probably most formally for the last 15 years.

I've had children for the last 7 and it has been the most challenging of all in the last 4 since I have become a stay-at-home father. Being able to keep with is has been the most challenging. Sometimes the practice becomes minimal, counting my breath or saying a baraka when I have a breath of mindfulness. Sometimes that's all I have. Often enough my wife leaves me 45 minutes to say the morning prayers from awakening and I often do that along with sitting meditation.

Meals are often a blessing beyond being just gratetful, but I can get beyond my own scripts and truly be grateful beyond just repeating the words.