The View From My Balcony

I have spent a lot of time recently sitting on my balcony looking at the view - most of it through the veil of unceasing rain. (I live in Queensland Australia which is in the grip of devastating floods.) I am high enough up to be level with the tree tops in the park opposite. From my balcony I can engage with the activity of the birdlife - the butcher birds, willy wagtails, pee wees, magpies, currawongs, lorikeets, swallows and then the flying foxes littering the evening sky. I also watch the boats on the river - the ferrys, the yachts that are home to some, the dragonboat teams practising, the rowing teams improving their stroke, the single kayaks and the occasional luxury yacht where I lose myself in a fantasy of being onboard! I can sit on my balcony looking out at this view and feel my body and mind being soothed and calmed. The world continues to do it's work as I sit and watch it.
I can also sit here in the eye of this view and feel myself radiating out to the expansiveness of the world with its mystery, wonders and beauty; to the billions of people inhabiting this world that I will never meet; to the devastation that each country experiences in different forms; to the kindness and compassion that is expressed in every moment; to the hate and hurt that is inflicted in every moment. It is all so much bigger than me and yet I feel connected without physically being there. I come back to the sanctuary of my balcony. The mother currawong is feeding her babies in their nest. The world is just perfect.