Soaring with Imagination ...

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A classmate in my non-dual healing program, Lili, made a guided audio meditation using questions that were posed in a talk given by my healer/teacher, Brenda, at our retreat last weekend.

The opening question is: "Who is the WHO that perceives the future with imagination?"

I have been meditating with this and numerous other questions every night before going to sleep and, for the first time, this morning shortly after rising. There is tremendous power in allowing statements such as these to work through oneself, as is instructed by my classmate on the audio.

As I have begun to feel into my "who is" that perceives the future with imagination, an invitation from a friend and fellow traveler in the rooms of AA co-arose. It involves a dream of mine that I never actively pursued and have always said I'd do for my 50th birthday yet never really believed I would follow through.


Yes, from 14,500 ft, with a 75 second free-fall, riding tandem with an experienced diver. Both my friend and I would consider doing this in September in honor of our recovery anniversaries (it is my 20th on 9/4).

My hair stylist (a Laotian woman and wise sage in disguise) said to me yesterday, out of the seemingly blue sky - no pun intended - that "happiness was a window that I needed to reach through and grab before it shut." She was making, in her own quirky way, a reference to seizing the moment and that life was indeed too short.

There is a "WHO" that lives burrowed in me that wants to "let go" in a profound way. I have always been a calculated risk-taker. Control has been a character defect and a way of trying to hold onto as many "knowns" out of sheer terror of the unknown. I have only made big changes in my life because I have been basically "pushed out of the plane" . This time around, I want to take the leap -- from a place of my own volition-desire.

The "Who is" that perceives the future with imagination is the one in me who trusts fully. Who is not concerned about managing the outcome. Who is willing and daring enough to take the literal and figurative leap of faith.

I am going to chat with the Big G before confirming the jump just in case this is not the direction I'm supposed to be going !

Geronimo !!!!