The River and the Eddy

Lili Zohar's picture

There are hot springs outside of Buena Vista Colorado, that bubble up from deep in the earth. One can find pools along the edge of the Arkansas River, surrounded by the Majestic Collegiate Range, the valleys and the winter trees waiting for their spring. In these eddies, the healing mineral waters, deliciously hot, bubble up from deep in the earth, as the river washes over, cool from the melting snows. The sky is strikingly blue and the burbling music of river over rock recalls the spirit of the Ute and their horses, on their Winter sojourn over the hundreds of years they lived in these lands. And others before them, who knew the healing powers that lay deep in the earth. When I get too hot and sleepy, I brave a trip to the center of the river, over slippery rock, where the water is icy cold. Relaxation then Exhilaration. What a blast!
Mid-week, I am playing hooky from my routine. I have finally done enough work that I can lie down in these healing waters, my body unwinding, my mind growing still. I have no agenda, no plan. Only the sky and the water, the hawks circling overhead and the river singing her ancient song. Thank you God for this day!