My Work to Return

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Let me suffer with kindness
Oh Great Mother !
Curving toward you with my aches and pains
Offering their release into the Universal container
So that I may be free to engage with life as it is

Let me stay with these restless, racing thoughts
Wanting to distract from what is here
May I lean against your tender heart
So that I may feel my own when I cannot tolerate
Occupying my own skin

I cry out to the heavens
With my guttural sounds
Vibrating deep
From within the belly of the world
Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhhh.

A relentless ego pummels me with its urgency
An arsenal of threads inside and outside
I stand firmly rooted, placing them in front of me
So that I may feel my own true nature
In the quiet, she whispers : “I am all I got.”

Ecstatic breaths engage this revelation
In, Out-In, Out-In, Out
Heart opens into spacious skies
There is no judgment or irritation
Just God-cleaving truth.