My Gift from a 2 Year Old

After a week at work of being stretched in many directions; challenged and confronted with the lasting and devastating impacts of abuse and power over our most vulnerable people, I was exhausted; charged with emotion and the heightened awareness of my smallness amidst the complexities of people's lives. Throughout the week I have experienced outrage at how the violation of basic human rights goes unaccounted for. This is not new for me. But this week for some reason I found myself more than usual at the coal face being called to listen, support and hold; all the while being challenged by my white privelege and the abusive systems of power in both government and church. People's lives are in ruin. None of this is new to me. I have been working in this field for many years. What was different this week? I don't know.

But now I drop down to tell about the beauty of a single moment at the end of this harrowing week. I lay down beside my 2 year old grandaughter Ana Isabel with her 3 favourite dolls tucked up under the doona heads resting on comfy pillows. I was singing her a lullaby stroking her beautifully soft angelic face. As I did I became very aware of the precious moment I was in - it is now imbedded in me, part of me. There was just Ana Isabel and I in our perfect little pocket of safety, simplicity and love. In that moment I realised this is all I need to do right now. My weeks involvement around the complexities of abuse melted away - not into insignificance, but to a place of holding, allowing me to cherish the blessings and love in this moment with Ana Isabel.

A deep sense of gratitude descended - a deep sense of realising I am where I need to be. I felt it flowing through me. It was contentment. It was sacred. It was simple. It was profound.