My Changed Balcony View and the Queensland Floods

How quickly the view from my balcony has changed. How quickly the focus of my world has changed. We are in the grip of unprecedented flooding here in Queensland. Townships have been wiped out, inland tsunamis have destroyed everything in their path, lives have been lost, dozens of people are missing. The depth of suffering and loss is unimaginable. I cry when I see the scenes of destruction. Now from my balcony I watch the river swirl in dangerous currents and rise dramatically. It is full of debris. Rescue craft are preparing, pontoons have been moved, yachts are leaving. It is a scene of panic and preparation not knowing what is ahead. There has been so much rain and the volume of water rushing through the inland and coastal rivers and creeks has never been seen before. I am very fortunate that I am on the 4th level of my building. The lower levels of the unit block beside me are being evacuated. People and businesses all along the Brisbane River are being evacuated. And the rain and storms continue. So much of Queensland has been destroyed by these floods and towns that have been flooded several times since Christmas are again being inundated.
The mother currawong is still feeding her babies (see previous blog) and life continues. However the focus has changed. Thoughts are dominated by urgency and survival and the plight of the thousands who have lost so much.
Your prayers for us here in Queensland would be greatly appreciated. Grief is everywhere - so is resilience and the amazing bond that surfaces between people when a crisis like this occurs.