Losing and Finding the Point

I wanted to take some time to parooze the site and get caught up. There's so much going on, so many new members, so much insight, so much sharing. Folks seems so open, so willing to hear and be heard...and here I sit, somehow not being able to REALLY take it in...

It's amazing the places this path winds in and around if you just let yourself, allow yourself, to follow. It's also amazing how easy it is to fall down and wonder why it seems so hard to get back up.

Suddenly I find myself defenseless against the small stuff - which seems to be keeping me from being able to "be there" to deal with the big stuff. It's like I somehow completely lost my way. It's very comforting though, to know I am still on the path. I could be forging a new "loop road" - but I am, undoubtedly, still on the path.

There are a lot of intense highs and lows on this journey - maybe it's modulation that I'm seeking...or that I need to come to recoginize...

I guess the main thing is not to freak out when you find yourself in a place that is "not convenient" - to learn to work with it instead of letting it keep you from being "in the game."

I guess the bottom line is - It's O.K to feel lost - because - really - you're still right here.

Thanks to all for joining this community, for your sharing your thoughts and feelings, for being present - for being here.