insights as Christmas presents

Hi Jason
Reading the last words of your answer on the first question on your blog, I realised that a bigger container not only helps to bear polarities and suffering, but also to bear happiness and gratitude for the profusion of help there is, if we can see and allow it.
Such a strange paradox that we all want to be happy, but if it is there it is such an art to recognize and receive it.. It seems so much easier to fall in a lower frequency.

I need also a bigger container to bear my feeling moved about what you said in your lecture for beginners, that- I do not know - is in fact the source of our practice and the gateway to our Boeddhanature, just because it cannot be characterised.

This value of- I do not know- the way you describe it, makes me happy and I try not to change the frequency! Thank you for your inspiring words that gave me these presents to stay present, and happy Christmas and New Year.