Holding Space

Lili Zohar's picture

During the retreat day last week at the recent All School Meeting of ASOS, we signed up to take turns practicing in designated places for the whole community, so that others could run and return. This assured that the space of practice would be held by some for the good of all, acknowledging our interconnectedness as a community committed to living consciously. It felt good to hold space and to know it was being held by others, when I chose to take a walk in the gloriously lush deciduous woods of Connecticut or to rest.

This early morning I awoke thinking about my practice and how I love to open my day with meditation and movement. It stopped feeling so personal, so self-indulgently directed towards my personal well-being and self-improvement. I had the feeling I could hold space, for all those who were barely surviving, and those having to rush to care for dependents or to battle traffic to get to work. I feel more connected to others and to the grace of being a part of this human family when I realize my journey towards wholeness is not for me only but for us all.

As I go about my day, I allow each task, process or relationship I engage with intention to be an act of holding space, for all the times I am unconscious, and for those who do not have the good fortune to be savoring this moment. I feel gratitude towards those who were kind or mindful when I couldn’t be. I sense the ways that myriad unknown others’ deep commitment to intentionality has held me afloat when I was drowning, silently helping me endure the difficulties of my life. How glorious and startling to realize we are part of something living and breathing! Each act and thought resonates somewhere. We can hold space whenever and wherever we practice. We can feel ourselves being held by others when we need to run and hide. We can pray. We can make love. We can laugh. We can weep. We can do this for each other.