Fired Up for the Future ...

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I was listening to Elizabeth Hermon's podcast this morning on this very website. She spoke of a major planetary shift at the beginning of June. This shift moves the energies of the heavens from water to fire. It is a birthing time and a letting go time simultaneously. It is a time of initiating and re-fueling and creating.

As I steeped myself in her words, I arrived at a new level of awareness about my Future Self. Astrologists offer guidance and predictions based on planetary movements. The Future Self, as I believe I am understanding, offers guidance too based on the predicted movements of our changing beings, our shifting interiors, our new relationships to the situations of life. The Future Self, as with the Astrologer, has a pulse on these ever-changing dynamics and acts like a compass -- if we are willing to take direction.

In thinking about the Future Self, I also had a revelation that brings great clarity to my healer/teacher Brenda's words from her initial lecture 2 summer seasons' ago about the Future Self. This statement was the last thing I was able to write or take in from her lecture before experiencing a significant shattering: "The Future Self is sad." What I understand now is this: the Future Self is sad because she sees the beauty of what is happening in the present and is acutely aware of its impermanence. The sadness is in the exquisteness of this very moment and the fact that it will no longer exist in a future moment. The Future Self is the keeper of the not-yet-known in the present time.

Back to the astrological forecast: if all of our Future Selves are aligned with the planetary movements AND we are paying close attention to this guidance deep within, then we are preparing to some extent for the motherload of a birthing process ! We are getting fired up for the Future ! It feels exciting and scary and adventurous and dangerous all at the same time.

How interesting and how NOT-coincidental it is that I would be exploring my relationship to the unknown just within the past few days ... I feel a connection to my Future Self and to this fire deep in my belly and to a deep letting go of what have been my "knowns" and an opening, a birthing to what is not yet known.