A Father's spirituality

I've been on this web site about from it's inception and have yet to contribute anything, so i thought I'd attempt something coming from my perspective. I've been trying to develop a spiritual practice for many years, probably most formally for the last 15 years.

I've had children for the last 7 and it has been the most challenging of all in the last 4 since I have become a stay-at-home father. Being able to keep with is has been the most challenging. Sometimes the practice becomes minimal, counting my breath or saying a baraka when I have a breath of mindfulness. Sometimes that's all I have. Often enough my wife leaves me 45 minutes to say the morning prayers from awakening and I often do that along with sitting meditation.

Meals are often a blessing beyond being just gratetful, but I can get beyond my own scripts and truly be grateful beyond just repeating the words.

Any other stay at home parents? Parents know how to be grateful, simply because we're aware how mindfulness can easily interrupted and how to recover from that interruption, to return to moment and give thanks for it. Not just parents, but especially how we often must respond.