Aliveness in the face of death

I have never 'blogged" before, nor "twittered" so I'm dipping my toe into this new experience. I was driving home from visiting my mother and was inspired to write a blog. Where did that come from?
Mum has been in a nursing home for 5 days now. She has dementia and recently broke her hip. Dad and Mum have been married for 60 years and now Dad is adjusting to living alone and not being Mum's carer. I see his profound grief and sadness and I melt with tenderness wanting to ease his suffering but knowing I cannot.
This morning on my visit Mum and Dad were attending a catholic mass in the common room at the nursing home, being said by a 93 year old priest who used to be our priest when we were growing up. He is now in the same nursing home as Mum and I sat in awe as he mumbled and fumbled his way through the mass. I am no longer a catholic but I sat there feeling completely at home. Not because of the familiarity of the mass but because of the presence of God in that room. Previously my defenses would have prevented me from being so present. But I looked around at the 20 elderly people propped up in chairs, some with carers beside them, some nodding off into oblivion, but all of them facing death. I watched Dad hold Mum's hand, kissing it at times and when Mum recognised me her whole face lit up.
These people in all their states of frailty and ill health sat in that room with deep faith and courage. Death is at their doorstep but that room was alive with love and care.
Before doing the Nondual Healing and Awakening course I would not have had the open heart, awareness and presence to take this all feel the deep sadness and treasure the love woven around it. I feel so very priveleged to be in this heart and mind space with my family's present situation.