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Come home with me


“It’s a week and a half away now. The memories come. Hearing the traffic on the streets in front of the hotel, early in the morning. The air is cold. I can smell it. The feeling of rightness when the plane landed in Cuzco Airport. Walking across the runway to the terminal. Feeling in every part of me the sense of being (having come) home — again. “Greetings, old friends”, I say to the mountains. They say, “Welcome home, daughter.” Everything else falls away — the tensions, the stresses, confusions of putting the trip together; it’s gone, doesn’t matter now. Whoever, whatever I am elsewhere falls away, too. Honed down, stripped away, I’m there completely. Jaguar, not hunting, not even stalking really, just alive with the quiet, deep excitement of anticipated adventure. My physical body has caught up to where my spirit has always been, never left. We go through the gate, get our bags, get on the bus for Cuzco.”

PERU: We are the Weavers

DECEMBER 27, 2012 TO JANUARY 6, 2013


Join us as we gather together in sacred ceremony at
Killarumiyoq, The Temple of The Moon, a place of the Sacred Feminine.

This is the time we have been waiting for.

DAY 1 12/27: Houston to Lima, where we will stay overnight at the airport until our flight to Cuzco in the morning.

DAY 2 12/28: We arrive in Cuzco, the capital of the Incan empire. It is said the Incan empire was built in the shape of a jaguar and that Cuzco is the head of the jaguar. That evening, we will go to Amaru Machay. In this ancient place, we shed ourselves of old skin, much like a serpent molts its skin, so that our true colors, vibrant and rich with life, can shine through.

DAY 3 12/29: We have a day in Cuzco, giving you the time to acclimate to the heights. We can go to the marketplace and see the sights of the city.

2011 and beyond

Thoughts for 2011(and beyond)
Take the few minutes to read this.
It could make a difference in how you see things.

2011 is now here. 2012 is next year. It is a good time to have a look around to see how the choices we have made have manifested.

As the year gets underway, we look at what we did in the past years and what we want to do in the new year. It may be that, in the past, there had been an event that changed your life. This could be a major life style change, a near-death experience, a shift in consciousness. It could be something as subtle and seemingly insignificant as deciding to change one thought or one feeling.