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I lost my father six month ago

I lost my father six month ago. He was not just my father; he was my friend, my teacher, my soul mate. Please do not think about me as of the daddy’s girl it is opposite of it. I have immigrate to this country with nothing at all and while I had a very difficult time I subsided I raising my son with out presence of his father (he was around just not really in), I am working on my PhD in archeology, also professionally dancing – I am sure I will not be able to do it without my father help, who I have supported for 17 years.

When my father got stroke – everyone turned away, my sister was always busy, my mother charged me for food he was bringing, and my boyfriend was unsupportive. I almost lost my mind carrying for my father for about six month until he died – I miss him so much with no one to tell, or no one to hug me.

My boyfriend is cheapest person in the universe. I have bury my father on July 16; my birthday was July 20…he even did not have me a flower.