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Every first Thursday evening of the month my friend Sonja invites us for a devotional circle at her home. This past one, held two weeks ago, turned out to be a very special gathering for me, as well as for the other three women that came to this particular one. There was an aligning of hearts and minds that felt like something bigger than our simple human creation. I could feel the presence of something larger than any one of us.

So instead of Sonja leading us into "Part II" of what we talked about the previous month that had to do with death and afterlife, she decided to listen to what she felt was coming forth for us for this gathering. She said to us that she wanted to keep it "light" and less serious, and then the shared readings and prayers began.

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Letting Go

I've been in this deep process of "letting go" over the past three years. I thought I had let go of all the necessary and quite large attachments in my life. Seems there's always more. It started in November 2007 when I let go of my failing marriage after 36 years of trying everything I could think of to save it. Okay . . . I really did love this person, but I finally realized that it was hurting me more than helping me and letting go was the best for both of us. This meant I had to let go of our beautiful home and my heavenly gardens I'd worked in all those years. It took me years to gain the courage and I prayed a lot. A doorway finally opened and out I went into an apartment above the pharmacy where I worked. When I left, I only took what I felt I needed to live. I wanted my life to be simple and unencumbered by "things".