About Jinen Jason Shulman

Jason Shulman is the founder of A Society of Souls, The School for Nondual Healing and Awakening, based in the United States and Europe. There he teaches the distinctive body of nondual work he has developed to awaken the human spirit: Nondual Healing, Impersonal Movement, the Work of Return and the Magi Process. Jason is a unique combination of modern Kabbalist and recognized Buddhist teacher who has received Dharma transmission. In his work as a spiritual teacher, healer and musician, he seamlessly integrates theistic and non-theistic spiritual thought and practice, uniting work on the personal self with all its suffering and beauty with learning how to reside in the spaciousness of the absolute. Ever since childhood he has been consumed by the fundamental questions of life. His continuing explorations into the nature of reality have taken him from poetry and literature to higher-level physics; from personal spiritual studies to inquiry into the mystical traditions of many of the world’s major religions. Jason’s main concern has been to develop paths of healing the mind, body and spirit based on his discoveries. Through his studies and practice, Jason has developed a unique perspective on human consciousness and the nature of existence. His special gift is to be able to translate this perspective into a replicable and clearly delineated path for other seekers of truth to follow. Jason offers his students a down-to-earth, life-affirming process of realizing our true human spirit. His aim is to help others have an awakening that leads to a healing of the splits in body, mind and spirit that cause human suffering. By helping his students understand the nature of this suffering, his teachings offer a way to live a life of true compassion toward oneself and the world. Jason is author of "Kabbalistic Healing: A Path to an Awakening Soul" (Inner Traditions), "The Instruction Manual for Receiving God" (Sounds True) and numerous monographs and articles. His three music CDs, The Great Transparency, Unlock My Heart and Buddha-Cloud, communicate his teachings in a way that goes straight to the heart.